Letter from the Chapter


Welcome to UNG Sigma Kappa! 


Thank you for jumping in and learning more about Sigma Kappa! I am Lindsey Lawton, and I have the honor of being the 2021 president of Sigma Kappa Kappa Lambda! This organization is so full of growth, truth, hardships, celebrations, and just a place where girls can do life together. Sigma Kappa is a nation wide sorority located from coast to coast. Kappa Lambda is our local section of Sigma Kappa here at the University of North Georgia. 


Sigma Kappa was originally founded in Waterville, Maine on November 9th, 1874. Five women decided to get together and create a place where women can celebrate each other and support each other in their hardships. They wanted to create a sisterhood that would not just last their collegiate years but for a lifetime. Sisters that were tied with a special bond, so they knew they could lean on each other through every obstacle life threw at them. I am personally forever grateful for their braveness to create an organization in a world that was predominantly men that got to make the decisions. These five women knew that there is something special and sacred about sisterhood that they wanted to create and preserve. I know they would be honored and thrilled to see how many women were and are impacted because of Sigma Kappa. 


Kappa Lambda wasn’t founded at UNG until 2004, so we are still in our teens years of being established on campus; however, that has not stopped us from making a difference in each other’s lives and on our campus. I am incredibly proud and honored to serve such an amazing, confident, and resilient group of women. We are a chapter of around 120 women, and each of them is beyond worthy and has a purpose for her life. I and a lot of my sisters would not be the same person we are today if not for Sigma Kappa. We love together, laugh together, cry together, serve together, and just do life together. If I have learned anything while being in Sigma Kappa is that women need other women to positively impact their lives and speak truth into each other. This world is filled with so much negativity, Sigma Kappa tries to be a light in each of our lives. This organization has brought me once in a lifetime friendships, opportunities, connections, and just growth. 


If you know someone even thinking about joining a sorority or going through recruitment, encourage them to find their people. People that will forever lift them up and support them through whatever life hands them. Sigma Kappa has been that for me and so many of my sisters. My wish for you is that you find your home away from home, just as I have found mine here at Sigma Kappa.