Letter from the Chapter



My name is Jillian Walker, and I am honored to serve as President of the Kappa Lambda chapter of Sigma Kappa at The University of North Georgia. At the University of North Georgia, we have an incredible community filled with six fraternities, three gender-inclusive fraternities, and five sororities. On behalf of the Kappa Lambda chapter, I want to welcome you with open arms to the UNG community. We can’t wait to get to know you all through classes, extracurricular activities, events in the fall, and during recruitment in the spring!

In Sigma Kappa, we are founded on roots of Christianity and our four values: friendship, service, personal growth, and loyalty. With such a strong foundation, we are able to always fall back on these wonderful characteristics that Sigma Kappa provides in everything that we do as sisters. We were founded by five women in Waterville, Maine on November 9th, 1874. These women were empowered by each other to have an equal opportunity for an education. Since 1874, Sigma Kappa has been able to be a part of many collegiate lives. Sigma Kappa is full of rich history and is continued to be passed on too many generations and more to come.

This sisterhood is created through our unbreakable bonds that ties us in with love and friendship. We create relationships with not only our collegiate sisters, but we continue these relationships and grow more through alumnae chapters and those who are a part of the greek community for life. Our sisters give back to our community in a variety of different ways. We volunteer at our local philanthropy at Chelsea Park, participate in Dance Marathon, participate in the Walk to End ALZ, host events to raise awareness through our philanthropies, and so much more. We offer many leadership roles, committee roles, and leadership within our Fraternity and Sorority Life community to make many things happen. We have programs in place to make sure that grades are always a priority because we are ultimately in college to get our degree. We have additional programs that help sisters prepare for life outside of college with the support of resources that we provide. There are many opportunities and ways to grow as an individual in four years, and Sigma Kappa is here to enhance the collegiate experience and support our sisters to become the best version of themselves.

I can’t help but think to myself about how much Sigma Kappa has impacted myself as a student, friend, leader, and daughter of Christ these past two years. Sigma Kappa has provided me with a community that gave me a home away from home with women who empower me to be my best self everyday. My best memories in college has come from this organization, and I cannot wait for many more to be made in the last year and a half I have left as an undergraduate student. This chapter has defined what women empowerment truly is and how a sisterhood so strong can change your world for the better.

Sigma Kappa and the Panhellenic community are great places for you to find your future bridesmaids, your best friends, and your family for life. I hope that you take the chance to go through the once in a life time experience of recruitment in January. Our sisters look forward meeting you soon and I wish you the best of luck during your collegiate experience!

Sigma’s Love and Mine,

Jillian Walker

Kappa Lambda President 2020