Sigma Kappa



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Why Recruitment & Why Sigma Kappa?

"I chose Sigma Kappa because of the girls during recruitment. They seemed the realest to me. They didn’t put up fake personas and they were themselves which meant a lot to me. Now Sigma Kappa means so much to me. My favorite part about being a Sigma Kappa is how much we do for our philanthropies, particularly Alzheimer’s. I have never been surround by so many girls who have been through what I have. There is so much support and we raise so much money for this disease that has taken my loved ones away from me. Sigma Kappa has made me grow in ways I never imagined. I even have a junior exec position which is big for me. I was not involved in high school at all, but this sorority has brought me out of my shell and I will forever be grateful." —Laine Johnson, Assistant to the New Member Educator

"Sigma Kappa is family. Love. Friendships. Giving back. I chose Sigma Kappa because I felt at home there. I feel comfortable with all of my sisters and a sense of purpose. Sigma Kappa has taught me how to be strong, powerful, and selfless. I have never loved a group of girls or giving back to the community more. Sigma Kappa is not just a sorority or a group of girls— it’s a platform. We have the voices to change things, to make great happen, to be powerful leaders, and to give back to the philanthropies we hold dear to our hearts. If you don’t go Sigma Kappa— at least go Greek, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make!!" —Katie Huggins, Vice President of Alumnae Relations

"My favorite part about being a Sigma Kappa are the opportunities this sorority opens up for me. Since joining the sorority I have been able to step out of my comfort zone with the support all of my sisters. I have held two positions within the sorority, gained an amazing internship, and flourished in my academics. Sigma Kappa has made me a more successful person while giving me the happiest memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. —Megan Daly, Vice President of Programming

"I chose Sigma Kappa because of one of our main values, friendship. As Sigma Kappa women, we are all bound by our promise to each other and to our organization. But before I fell in love with the organization, I loved the girls I met. Walking into the Sigma Kappa room during recruitment, I felt all my worries and fears melt away. I was greeted with warm smiles that didn’t seem fake and a lot of jokes. It was the only place I felt like I could truly be myself. Through Sigma Kappa and the steadfast acceptance and love of my sisters through my darkest times, I have built amazing friendships that I know will last a lifetime. The value of friendship rings true, and my idea of sisterhood wouldn’t be the same without girls that will always stand by my side. — Anna Vakili, PC'17